Discover The Secret Behind This No-Fee Autoresponder Solution for WordPress. See How You Can Get Started Building Your List In Under 2 Minutes & Never Spend Another Dime Email Autoresponder Marketing Again.

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Arpad Lean -

Dear Friend & Fellow Online Marketer

I bet you've been thinking about using free autoresponders for a while now, if not already tried out a few, and let's face it, it seems like a lot of effort; there's a lot to know and finding software that you can get started using immediately seems like a shot in the dark. Trust me, I've been there, I have experienced almost every issue trying to get some of these autoresponder packages operating correctly.

But I have good news for you, finally there's a solution, creating it was not easy, but what really matters is now that that I have created it, you can have it too!

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about this simple-to-use autoresponder solution, how easy it is to operate and what you can do with it, then this is going to be the most important information you'll ever read...


“This is a great Plugin, fantastic support, as I needed to integrate a few other items and the ARGWA Autoresponder was the best at getting a working solution. Great Job!”

Sam Boyer -

“ I absolutely love this plugin. I use the Autoresponder to handle all my list management and am currently using it give more value to my subscribers by sending them tutorials, tips, announcements and product recommendations. Making back-end affiliate sales has never been easier. I'm NEVER paying expensive fees to an autoresponder service again.

Nathaniel Summers -

My name is Arpad Lean, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge about email marketing and auto responders through hours of research, studies and personal experience with them. Just like you I've found the cost to manage even a small list with one of the online autoresponder hosting services prohibitive, and stand alone autoresponder applications to be too complicated, when just starting out, so I know how you feel and how frustrating and discouraging it all can be.

But that's part of the past for me, I no longer suffer with complicated autoresponder software management and that's thanks to the new autoresponder for WordPress I created, so keep reading and I'll explain everything to you.

When I first started getting into autoresponder marketing years ago I began to discover the enormous amount of complicated and unsupported autoresponder software products out there. I got desperate.

I thought if I could have autoresponders running on my blog it would make it all so simple.

I took a look at what was available, installed and tested several different popular free and paid auto responder solutions for WordPress, and came away disenchanted. Instead of making things simpler, putting an email auto responder in WordPress seemed to complicate things even more.

I literally INTERROGATED their creators about every aspect of their products whenever I could, to find out what the most popular options were, and what issues or problems people complained about most.
What I discovered:

Here's the TRUTH about Stand Alone Free Autoresponder Software...

Free Software Is Never The Best It Can Be!

I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true, the free software developers know the technical aspects of the problem and they know what the software needs to do, and they know how to write the code to do it, but do they know how their autoresponder software is really being used if they aren't email marketers?

Since they aren't email marketers themselves they don't have the knowledge required to build really intuitive software that's simple enough for everyone. They're not making money from the effort so software support is often minimal at best, because let's face it, there's no profit in it!

Wasting Time With Free Autoresponders Will End Up Costing You Money.

That's not unexpected, by the time you sort out how the software works, getting your subscription forms on your website, and spending time testing to ensure everything is actually working. So they're not really a free solution, or a simple one, free autoresponder will cost you in time, extra effort, and endless frustrations and we're sure you don't want any more of that!

Plus, I have a very shocking but true fact for you:

Approximately 10% of people just starting out email marketing with free autoresponders will ever go on to succeed and make a significant profit with their efforts.

Here's another truth about free autoresponders you want to know; It is a known fact that using the extra features found in professional autoresponders will boost profits from every mailing and there's a reasons for this, running an efficient and reliable email autoresponder requires specific features and functionality. But wait...there is an inexpensive and fully supported Professional Autoresponder Solution that installs and runs on WordPress.*

Using an efficient and reliable autoresponder will increase profits immediately

Having all the bells and whistles built into your autoresponder software will really boost profits from all your mailings, and will do it with absolutely no extra effort required on your part. There is specific functionality that absolutely must be included in any autoresponder solution you choose that will make your mailings more profitable and your subscribers more responsive, right from day one.

Autoresponders work best when used as community building tools

Most people have the wrong idea when it comes to building an autoresponder list, well that's not entirely true, but blasting your entire subscriber list with any and every promotion or affiliate referral link one can find will quickly lead to an unresponsive list, which is really the same as having no list at all.

Whether you're doing it by email with autoresponders, social networking and blogging, or employing any of the other popular traffic generating activities, or a combination of them all, you are essentialy building a social network of your peers, who respect what you're saying, who are a receptive and responsive audience for all your targeted promotions. Community building is truly what online marketing is about.

Personalizing your promotions builds confidence in your subscribers

Again, free autoresponders often don't provide all the capabilities you need to build the best and most responsive list you possibly can. All online entrepreneurs who've ever succeeded email marketing will tell you autoresponders work best when you direct your promotions to each subscriber individually.

Many people have started out with simple free autoresponders and watched their efforts going nowhere because they weren't reaching their subscribers with their message. Simply by addressing your subscribers by name will increase the likelyhood of a positive response, but there is so much more you can do to build friendships with each and every subscriber.

Collecting more info from your subscribers will lead to increased profits

That's right, not many people know about this, but the easiest way to instantly improve the response to each and every autoresponder promotion is by personalizing your message, directing your content to each and every user individually, with information you've already collected from them.

Collecting additional information from each subscriber, data specific to your newsletter's particular topic or niche, and using that information in a targeted way in all your autoresponder messages will increase a subscribers responsiveness and the length of time they stay subscribed.

Again, any communication you have with a subscriber will receive a significantly better response when you direct your messages to them individually. Include the information you collected when the user subscribed, to enhance your promotion, and to give each subscriber the warm and fuzzy feeling that you're communicating directly to them.

We were SHOCKED to find autoresponders lacking this basic capability!

“ There are so many different autoresponder software products available, with varying levels of functionality, that it becomes extremely difficult to find a single software product that does everything the professional email marketer needs their autoresponder to do. Whatever auto responder software you choose, it must include those powerful capabilities required by all professional email marketers working to enhance all their list building efforts. "

Jonathan Keller -

Those are just some of the things no one is talking about, but they're the most important.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. It took me 3 years of deep and extensive efforts to come up with the definitive Professional Autoresponder Software, and I did it entirely based on actual user feedback, till I came up with something that really WORKS. I used everything I learned from over 40,000 unique autoresponder installations, collecting feedback from each user, compiling and analysing all the results to develop the exact autoresponder software product that they were asking for, and then I made sure it ran on the easiest content management system (CMS) ever, namely WordPress.

What we're about to show you is unlike anything you've seen. Just imagine a complete multiple-list manager and autoresponder software product that's as simple to use as WordPress itself, with every capability required for the email marketing professional, yet simple enough to administer all from a single administration page. Best part is you can get started with it right away, within minutes you will be subscribing leads to your autoresponder lists right on your WordPress blog! Finally an inexpensive yet powerful autoresponder solution you can get started with in under two minutes.

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This is the most complete autoresponder software for WordPress ever created. Each feature was designed to be highly intuitive, yet capable of providing the powerful functionality required for a professional email marketer, without being a nightmare to manage!

The entire autoresponder email manager was designed based on the feedback provided by thousands of users, to make it as simple and straight-forward to use as possible, and to allow quick access to all the functionality needed most often when creating a new autoresponder campaign.

In fact check out what some of my first customers, who are still using the software, have to say:

Autoresponder System Autoresponders for Wordpress

Why Will This Be The Most Important Plugin You Ever Install On Your Blog and How Will It Instantly Increase Response To All Your Email Link Promotions?

Because, this software is packed with the latest cutting edge email marketing techniques and tactics and is why it took over 3 years to research, gather feedback, compile it all, and create this amazing new list building autoresponder system specially designed just for WordPress.

During those 3 years, I spent hours every day digging through all the information I was collecting. So everything inside The Instant Autoresponder for WordPress has been deeply researched and tested.

Actually this autoresponder was created around 3 basic principles, I call these principles The 3 Pillars of Email Marketing Success. It is the combination of these principles that allowed me to create this simple yet powerfully responsive email autoresponder software system. Now what are the pillars:


best wordpress plugins

SIMPLICITY: Understanding how to operate your autoresponder and manage multiple lists should be intuitive. The best autoresponders allow you to quickly step through the creation of each new list, and provide an easy to understand (and use) list management interface.

AUTOMATION: Any and all professional autoresponder solutions should be entirely automated, to ensure your promotional campaign goes out on time every time, and to ensure successfully delivery of your messages to each and every subscriber.

SAFETY: Operating autoresponders on your own website comes with the added responsibility of providing 100% legal list subscription and management services. Your chosen autoresponder solution must implement all these standards to protect your growing email marketing business!

When you apply these principles in choosing any emailing software your results will immediately reflect it!

You don't need to do anything special or pay ever increasing, recurring monthly fees just to get started learning to build your first email list. If you start out with the best auto responder software you can find, software that is intuitive and naturally guides you from start to finish, teaching you everything you need to know on the way to reaching your goal, your success is virtually guaranteed.

If your knowledge of autoresponders, and your entry into the world of online email marketing is guided by just these few simple principles and techniques, your eventual email list building successes will be virtually 100% assured, and come to you all that much faster. That's why this is all so very important.

Here's another truth you should consider:

"NO autoresponder software can guarantee your success . . . But The Instant Autoresponder System will do everything possible to help you reach your goal!"

Autoresponders Free Alternative

You would need to learn everything there is to know about email autoresponders before you could make an educated choice from the many professional and free autoresponders available today.
At this point you have two options:

- Continue downloading and installing different autoresponder solutions until you find one that you can understand enough about to start building your autoresponder list.


- Take control now and get the email autoresponder and list manager software developed directly from the feedback of 10s of 1000s of brand new email marketers just like you!


Autoresponders for Wordpress

The ARGWA Autoresponder System provides an easy to understand list building tool that teaches you everything you need to know. Take a look at these testimonials I just received.

Autoresponders Free Alternative Autoresponder System

Now let's see a small preview of everything you'll get:

  • A simple to use Multiple List Building Autoresponder that runs on the WordPress CMS.
  • Fully automated Intelligent-Queue for 100% safe email blasts to your entire list anytime.
  • Customize your subscription forms and collect additional info from all your subscribers.
  • Offer a bonus or a complete eCourse and send file-attachments in all your messages.
  • Schedule broadcast messages for any date and send a mailing to every subscriber.
  • Fully control the entire subscription process with a customizable subscriber flow.
  • Create unlimited lists and import unlimited addresses directly with or without confirmation.
  • Display your forms anywhere online with the sidebar widget, shortcode, or basic html.

There are many more options included, that's just a tiny fraction of all the functionality you'll find in this jam packed autoresponder solution you can install within 2 minutes right on your WordPress blog.

Without a doubt, The Instant Autoresponder System is:

The Most Complete, Effective, Simple and 100% Automated List Building Autoresponder System Ever Created, And it runs on WordPress!

If you're sick and tired of trying different solutions, searching through documentation, and decrypting confusing instructions, and all the other things that go along with installing almost all new stand-alone autoresponder solutions, then The ARGWA Autoresponder System for WordPress is for you. Get it today. If you like what you've seen so far then keep reading, it gets even better, I have something more to offer you.

As a special offer if you order today I'll include a set of amazing bonus products to speed you along the road to success. Giving away free stuff is the #1 way to build your list faster. Check this out.


best autoresponder plugin

Autoresponder message series Viral Traffic Building

Use these SEO Tactics to turn a trickle of visitors into a flood of traffic to your blog. Everything you learn can be used immediately to increase targeted organic traffic from the search engines.

  • Get a better rank on your primary keyword phrase.
  • Find out how to increase your position in results.
  • Getting listed everywhere means ranking on google.
  • When to seek a little professional help, so you don't waste a lot of time and much more useful information!
  • A COMPLETE MESSAGE SERIES. Create an Instant Newsletter in your Autoresponder and start today!


Autoresponders for Wordpress

Autoresponder message series SEO Traffic Tactics

Everything you need to know about viral traffic. What is it, where does it come from, how can I do it? All these questions are answered plus a lot more.

  • Viral traffic is free traffic.
  • Viral traffic is targeted traffic.
  • Viral traffic is unlimited traffic.
  • Use your visitors to build traffic with effective linking.
  • Find out where do viral visitors come from and why they will keep coming automatically and forever?
  • A COMPLETE MESSAGE SERIES. Create an Instant Newsletter in your Autoresponder and start today!


Autoresponders Free Alternative

free giveaway ebook Million Dollar Emails

Discover the secrets of email messages that convert. Learn how to compose your own message series.

Make sure your own autoresponder messages are successfully converting more subscribers into customers.

  • How to compose subject lines that get clicked.
  • Art of personally addressing all your subscribers.
  • Techniques you can use and create content that will keep your readers subscribed to every issue.


Autoresponders Free

Instant Autoresponders Free

Learn autoresponder messages by example, and learn from the best. Contains actual messages that have made millions for their writers.

See how you can use their knowledge to compose autoresponder messages that convert.

  • How to compose subject lines that get clicked.
  • Art of personally addressing all your subscribers.
  • Techniques you can use and create content that will keep your readers subscribed to every issue.

Using one of the BONUS INSTANT NEWSLETTER LISTS and the FREE BONUS EBOOKS to give away to your subscribers you can get started right-way, absolutely nothing else is needed, and it is all here for you in this one valuable package. Giving away autoresponder free bonus product will always convert.

But besides all this amazing value, I still have something extra, so you make up your mind, order today and start enjoying the benefits of automated list building on your blog. I'm offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee! That's right, examine it, try it, use it for a full 30 days without risk.

Autoresponder plugin for WordPress

The Autoresponders

You have 30 days. I'm taking all of the risk away from you by doing this, all of the risk is on me. I'm so confident that "The Instant Autoresponder System" works that's why I'm offering you a guarantee.

As stated above, if after 30 days you can't get started with your list, if you haven't subscribed any new leads, or if you've failed to reach them automatically 100% of the time, I'll refund your money, with absolutely no questions asked.

For about the price of a 1 month entry-level subscription with an online autoresponder service you can discover the real secrets to email marketing, autoresponders and list building success in a very effective and easy way, and keep doing it on your own with absolutely no recurring and growing fees to pay. No hidden fees, no shipping and handling costs, download and install it in 2 minutes and start building your first autoresponder email marketing list instantly, minutes after you order.

It literally cost me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to research and design the complete auto responder software presented in this guide and it can be yours for a very tiny fraction of that.

No need to wait even a minute after ordering your product, you can download it immediately from our website, and install it on your blog right away, even if it's 2 a.m in the morning.


Yes! I want to take control of my list building efforts while I learn to earn now.

Don't wait to start building your email marketing business. Act Now!

Autoresponders System

  • You'll get instant access to:
  • The ARGWA Autoresponder Plugin with everything you need to start, improve and repeat your list building success right on your WordPress blog.
  • 24/7 Access to the Member Support Site.
  • *Free Newsletter: "Autoresponders for Beginners"
  • *Free Newsletter: "Beginning Viral Traffic Building"
  • *eBook: Million Dollar Emails free to Giveaway.
  • *eBook: Pro Email Marketing Tips free to Giveaway.
  • "Instant Autoresponder Help and Setup Guide."
  • And much more!


We accept all major credit cards securely with PayPal.

Do me a quick favour. Try to remember the feeling the last time you attempted to configure new stand-alone software on your website, can you remember the frustration? The confusion? Now close your eyes, and imagine for a second that all that confusion and frustration has gone away, and that you can start building your email list and online marketing business today, without any help, and without the annoyance, the confusion and the extreme frustration of even just getting the software installed and tested to begin with.

Feels good doesn't it?

This is what you've been looking for. This is the solution to your list building learning curve. This is the ONLY solution you'll ever need. You can feel good again, no more frustration, and no more fees. Start building your email marketing business and autoresponder list in just a few minutes. Order you're copy of 'The ARGWA Autoresponder Plugin' for WordPress now, by clicking the big button above.

To your future email autoresponder success...

The Autoresponders

P.S: You don't have to struggle another day with confusing, frustrating or complicated autoresponder software, let's get rid of high-cost, complicated, incomplete software once and for all, remember that all your previous frustrations CAN be eliminated, but ONLY if you take action today.

P.S: Remember, when you say yes to the ARGWA Autoresponder Plugin, it's backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! You also receive you're autoresponder free bonus products at no extra cost, valued at over $100!

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